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Global Licensing Partnerships

Pharmaceuticals | BioPharmaceuticals | Medical Devices | Nutraceuticals | Food-safety | BioMarkers | Diagnostics

Apothecaries connects you with Partners for co-development and commercialization, enabling you to deliver innovative new products and technologies around the world through collaborative alliances that produce lasting benefits. 


Through a well-structured and credible operational system for identifying right partners to help you develop or commercialize your intellectual property (IP), technology or product created by your organization.  To help you optimize your mutual capabilities, expertise, and resources.


The In-licensing & Out-licensing opportunities we create Include end-to-end services:

  • Fair and Reliable Partner Identification

  • Partnership Management

  • Designing Partnerships to Optimize Mutual Benefits

  • Product co-development, including Clinical Development

  • Commercial partnerships

  • Providing Strategic inputs for situation specific contract R&D

  • Partnering for approved products

  • Managing dossiers for global applications based on the ICH Structured/US/EU/Japan dossiers

  • Pharmaceutical production partnerships, based on audits of manufacturing facilities

  • Market positioning and pricing strategy inputs

  • Market-specific labelling/packaging of products

  • Lifecycle management with marketing authorization maintenance and ongoing process improvement

  • Distribution & Logistics Partnerships 

Apothecaries Manages:

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Clinical Trials/Human Intervention Studies

  • Marketing Authorizations

  • Setting up Your Territory Specific Corporate/Legal Entities

  • Bureaucratic Processes & Liaising

Apothecaries Services are Offered as All Inclusive Service Packages: No Surprises.

In-licensing can be efficiently leveraged as a financial tool by recording related transaction as ‘in-process research and development’.  The expenditure is considered expenses on the profit and loss statement, typically creating large losses, and offsetting tax liabilities.

Reach Us! We would be delighted to explore synergy.

Send us a non-confidential description of how we may be able to work together. 


Our Licensing Specialist will match your asset/project/requirement with our resources and capabilities and will initiate a dialogue with you with a firm proposition.

Apothecaries strives to create innovative value for your products, technologies and dreams. 

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