Who We Are

Our Doctrine


We are Committed to the Philosophy of Excellence.

(Commitment: A pledge to do a specific act or a thing; the state of being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action. Philosophy: A system of motivating concepts or principles; the system of values by which one lives. Excellence: The state, quality of condition of excelling; superiority)


We are dedicated to meet our Client's needs.

(Client: One who gives us a chance to provide him our services)


We work as a Team with our business partners in a spirit of trust and cooperation.

(Teamwork: Cooperative effort by group members to achieve a common goal. Business partners: Those with whom we do business - our customers and suppliers)


We believe in open Communication.

(Communication: The exchange of thoughts, messages or information)


We live and work Ethically.

(Ethics: The accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of an individual in relationship with others)


Each individual in our organization is Important and Responsible.

(Importance: Having great value, significance or consequence Responsible: Dependable, accountable, in-charge)


We focus on Accountability for every assignment.

(Accountable: Answerable; capable of being explained)


Our People

Dr. Brijesh Regal MPharm, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
  • 35 years' experience of coordinating and organizing 200+ clinical trials, involving 25,000+ patients

  • Former WHO consultant and co-founder of an independent research ethics committee

  • Coordinated evolution & documentation of Indian clinical research regulations (Schedule Y)

  • Conceptualized National Pharmacovigilance Program for India

  • Organized & led 150+ workshops for WHO, World Bank, CDSCO and private organizations

Dr. Andrew Salzman MD
Head - Medical Affairs & Clinical Development
  • 20+ years of experience in biomedical drug discovery and development

  • Harvard trained infectious disease specialist.

  • Gained approval for 10 INDs & CTNs, including FDA FastTrack

  • Founded & led one of the largest pediatric critical care programs in North America

Dr. Yaacov Guy DSc (Medical Sciences)
Director - Regulatory Affairs
  • 23+ years of Pharmaceutical industry experience 

  • Quality Systems Specialist

  • Postdoctoral Fellow and Guest Researcher at NIH, Rockville, Maryland

  • Bioavailability studies specialist

Kapil Arora BPharm
Head - Regulatory Affairs
  • Extensive experience of managing Regulatory Affairs for clinical trials (small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food products), including safety management

  • Leads Central Pharmacy Management & Logistics for Drugs & Bio-Specimens

Chinmay BTech
Vice President - Corporate Development
  • Manages Corporate Development, Sponsor interface, Budget management, Logistics, Vendor management, and IT-enabled services

  • Led the development and implementation of Apothecaries' Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), web-based randomization system (IWRS), Lab Information Management System (LIMS), AE reporting system & SOP Delivery system

  • Leads evolution of service portfolio and Client Relationship Management

Sameer Agarwal MPharm, MS, MBA
Licensing & Portfolio Management Specialist -
EU & Asia
  • More than 30 years' pharmaceutical industry experience:  managing strategy, portfolio, acquisitions, licensing, sales & marketing.

  • Headed global pharma businesses in the US, China, EU, Russia & South America.

  • Managed products (including biosimilars) across oncology, , pain management, anesthesia, anti-infectives,  critical care.

Chitra Agarwal MPharm, MBA
Business Management & Social Outreach Specialist (EU & Asia)
  • More than 30 years pharmaceutical industry experience: Managing business set-up, development, corporate affairs, M&A and regulatory affairs.

  • An accomplished trainer and social outreach professional. 

Dr. Aashima Punyani MBA
Head - Clinical Trial Projects
  • GCP Monitoring Specialist

  • Experienced in initiating, managing and monitoring clinical trial projects

Dr. Garry Southan Post Doctoral
Analytical Chemistry & PK Scientist
  • In-depth knowledge and experience of Bio-analytics

  • Worked with Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane

  • Extensive experience with Phase II projects

Dr. M Chandra Sekhar PhD
Director - Human Capital Management & Corporate Affairs
  • Change Management Leader, with exceptional experience in managing Human Capital.

  • 25+ years’ experience in world class TQM practices

  • Lead Assessor of People Capability Maturity Model of Carnegie Mellon University USA Qualified Lead assessor for people capability maturity model.

Arun Malik MBA
Director - Quality Assurance
  • Quality Management Systems Specialist

  • Extensive experience of implementing Quality Management Systems to improve excellence and growth

Dr. Suneet Aurora MD
Consultant Clinician
  • Consultant Clinician experienced in development of clinical trial protocols

Anil Gupta BPharm
Director - GMP Affairs
  • Veteran cGMP professional with long & wide ranging experience in pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing

  • Led US-FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturing facility producing injections (dry & liquid), tablets, capsule (soft & hard), dry syrups, oral-liquids, ointments & creams

  • Experienced in setting up of new GMP facilities

Dr. Canan A Agartan MD
Director - Pediatric Clinical Services
  • Professor of Pediatric Surgery.

  • Former Clinical and Research Fellow,
    Albany Medical Center Department of Urology, Albany, NY, USA

  • Pediatric ICU and ECMO Education, Sophia Children Hospital, Rotterdam, Holland


Our History

Established as a consulting services company in 1983 – Apothecaries became the first Indian contract clinical research organization in 1993. 

Since then we’ve been involved in clinical trials across Phase I to IV, for therapeutic areas such as Infectious diseases (bacterial, viral and others), Oncology,  Dermatology (and VD), Respiratory System (including Asthma, COPD), Cardiology (including CHF, MI, Dyslipidemia), Psychiatry, Genito-Urinary System, Endocrinology (including diabetes), Nervous System (including CNS, PNS, Stroke), Pediatrics, Gastro-Intestinal System, Gynaecology, Pain Management, Organ Transplantation, Vaccines, Orthopedics, Dentistry, Haematology, Surgery, and Medical Devices. 

Apothecaries has also emerged as a major Indian regulatory consultancy organization for global blue-chip as well as for emerging pharma companies based at US, EU, Japan, Australia and India.

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3109, Saganashkee Lane,

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876, Udyog Vihar Phase V,

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